Newborn Photography

Bringing a newborn into the world is such a special time for you and your family.  Yet newborns change so quickly in those first few weeks and months. You won’t notice how quickly your little one is changing because it is happening before your very eyes but before you know it this precious stage is gone.  Having a newborn session gives you those memories to treasure forever.  

In a newborn session we’ll capture their curled up little bodies (as they start to stretch out around 3 weeks and lose the flexibility they need for in the womb). Their tiny fingers and toes, cute button noses, and their windy smiles. Gorgeous peaceful sleepy poses and wide awake images of their beautiful eyes before they change colour. Your first family portrait and the love a big brother or sister has for their new baby sibling!  These moments and details are too precious to miss!

Newborn sessions are best when your newborn is between 5-14 days old.  However if you miss this time frame, I can still work with your baby to create gorgeous keepsakes for you to treasure up until 3 months old.  After that I offer tummy time, sitter and standing sessions. 

What to expect? 

Sessions are baby-led so they can take anywhere between two to four hours, as we can expect to need to stop for baby to have a feed, a nappy change, a change of clothes if sick and all the rest that comes with a newborn! 

The studio will be warm for your baby’s comfort so we advise you to dress in layers for your own comfort too. Use of my props, backgrounds and clothing are all included as part of your session. Before your session, I will discuss with you, which are your preferred colours that you would like me to use. Baby’s safety is of the utmost importance to me and for that reason, I want you to be reassured that I have invested time into training to ensure that baby is kept safe at all times. 

When’s the best time to book in? 

As newborns are dependent on their arrival! It’s best to contact me after your 20 week scan so that I can add you to my diary.  Space is limited each month to allow flexibility for babies arriving early or late. 


There are three upfront cost packages to suit your budget whilst having the option to add gorgeous wall art to hang in your home.  

Gift Vouchers

If you know someone, who is expecting, then a newborn photo session is the perfect way to help them celebrate.  Gift vouchers are available and baby showers are a great time to give them this experience ready for baby arriving.

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